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Εταιρικό Προφίλ

Please find enclosed a proposal offering your company the opporunity to transport your machines and goods across European continent using road transport.

I am writing to you to present my company LS Spedition (International Licensed Forwarding Agency) and to offer you following services:

- Full truck load transport of goods from door to door.

- Part load transport of goods from door to door

- Warehousing of goods across the whole continent

- Special trailers for oversize machinery and car transport

- Customs clearance

- Road & sea transport (outside of Europe)

- Project logistics

- Basic and extra insurance cover

- Highest customer and detail care

- On time loading and deliveries

- Express loads and 24/7 dispo service

You are guaranteed safety and highest level of support. I have very strong recommendations from companies all over Europe, which I can share for you to call and check. All of the inquiries are treated individually and with highest care. This is a small company and I can guarantee fast reply with solution for your needs.

We are transporting all types of goods and machinery.

We are also specialised in oversize and special transport. We have road permissions for lenght, width, height and weight that exceed permissable dimentions.

We can also book cranes if necessary as an additional service.

I can provide you small express vans, 8-20 pallet trucks, standard/mega trailers, road trains, extendable (wide) trailers, telemega trailers, tiefbetts, semi trailers and others.

Also as an additional information, you have to know that my company is registered in Poland so you don't pay tax when paying for transport.

Thank you and I am waiting for future contact from you.


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